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Our floorstanding globes vary in sizes and styles. From wide, substantial imposing pieces, to tall and elegent models that are flexible to fit within your space, we are sure there is a floorstanding globe for you.

Don't forget if you'd rather talk to an actual human, give us a call on 01536 264 611 and one of our friendly knowledgeable team will be more than happy to help.


Would you like the globe to be illuminated?



Our illuminated floor globes are made from two plastic hemispheres with a printed map hand-laid on top in segments; this allows the light to shine through from inside the globe and give a wonderful even distribution of light.
The exceptions to this rule are the National Geographic Iron Executive and Lancaster Illuminated globes. This globes have two printed vinyl hemispheres stretched over the plastic globe ball.
All our illuminated globes are mains powered with a 1.5m lead, and are fitted with SES bulbs which are easily obtainable, should they need replacing.


Globes that are non-illuminated can be made from a heavy-duty fireboard with printed paper cartography that is laid onto the globe ball in segments. This method of globe making is the way globes have been for hundreds of years and allows for the most detailed cartography (typically twice the detail).
Very small scoremarks and misalignments may occur, and this shows the globe has been made in a traditional way.

No Preference

I'm open, this isn't a deciding factor for me.


Still unsure? Give us a call on 01536 264 611 and we'll help find the perfect globe for you.