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Venus Planet Astronomical Globe

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Not made in China
Why is this important?
Cartography that is printed on globes exported from China may show manipulated land borders and island territories that are not recognised by the United Nations and western countries.

We only supply globes with cartography that is printed in Europe or the United States which accurately reflect our world.


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Venus Planet Astronomical Globe

Pull back the veil on Venus and explore the fascinating and unforgiving surface that hides beneath the clouds! This 12” desktop Venus globe, created exclusively by Astronomy magazine, shows an astounding 226 planetary features, including 10 landing sites. Developed along with USGS cartographer, Trent Hare, this globe was produced using images from the Magellan Venus Radar Mapper, gathered from thousands of microwave pulses with near-100% accuracy.

The Venus globe is made of long-lasting durable plastic with just a single seam between hemispheres and comes with a clear acrylic display base and bonus informational flyer.

Key Features

  • 30cm Globe Ball
  • NASA-approved Cartography
  • Perspex Base for Unrestrictive Handling
  • Ideal Scientific Reference Tool
Additional Information
Ball Colour Red
Ball Diameter 30.5cm (12")
Globe Width 30.5cm (12")
Height 35.5cm (14")
Globe Surface Material Plastic
Meridian Material N/A
Base Material Plastic
Raised Relief No
Type Non-illuminated
Brand Replogle
Cartography Up-to-date Map
Cartography Style Physical Mapping
Country of Manufacture United States
Delivery Weight (kg) 1.5


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