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Wright Globe by Frank Lloyd Wright

  • 40cm (16") diameter globe

  • Antique ocean colour ball

  • Part of the Frank Lloyd Wright collection

  • Authentic reproduction from a F.L.W. drawing

  • Concept for one of the Prairie Homes (designed early 1900s)

  • Richly stained maple and oak wood stand

  • Up-to-date mapping

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Frank Lloyd Wright

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Wright Globe by Frank Lloyd Wright

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) is an internationally celebrated architect and widely considered to be America's greatest. He amazed the world with his architectural ingenuity and designs. His vision encompassed the buildings and residences he designed as well as their landscaping, art glass, furniture, lighting and floor coverings - to create the unified whole.

About This Globe

This globe stand is an authentic reproduction from a drawing found in the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation archives. It is an unidentified concept for one of the Prairie Homes that Mr Wright designed in the early 1900s. The proportions and interpretation of the drawing were calculated based on the scale of other drawings from the same period. It features a square yoke design, with the square theme carried through to the base. “The Frank Lloyd Wright Globe Stand is an actual reproduction and interpretation of Mr. Wright's design and it turned out exactly as was originally intended, based on the drawing”, praises Volker at the FLW Foundation. He adds “The Replogle prototype and production team's attention to detail was impeccable and we are extremely pleased with the quality.”

The globe ball itself is part of the World Classic collection from Replogle World Globes, LLC. The map shows up-to-date cartography by Kevin M. Dzurny and has clear political boundaries with over 4,000 place names. It also features raised relief, revealing the world's main mountain ranges in a tactile way. To complete the globe, a fine antique brass effect metal meridian, with graduations and fleur de lys design surrounds the globe ball. The Wright globe is made using traditional techniques with recycled, recyclable and sustainable materials. It comes complete with a booklet on how to use, enjoy and care for your globe.

Creating The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection

This collection by Replogle globes is inspired by Wright's unique and timeless interior home designs. Replogle Globes and the FLW Foundation meticulously reviewed more than 100 of the architect’s drawings and designs to select five unique examples that would be given a new lease of life as fine globes. Dell Torgerson, Replogle’s product development manager, explains: “each globe’s design is exact to Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs. Each piece matches identically the dimension and geometry of the furniture that it is based upon. The richly stained maple and oak wood species used in the wooden stands were carefully chosen to replicate the Prairie Period. Every stand, like every globe it holds, is a hand-made work of art.”

About Replogle Globes

For over 80 years, Replogle Globes has been manufacturing high quality traditionally-made globes from its base in Chicago, Illinois.

About The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is a global forum for multi-disciplinary discourse about the future of the built and natural environments, promoting education, scholarship, design and research. Through programs designed to educate, inspire and motivate diverse audiences, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation advances dialogue and action to improve the quality, longevity and conservation of the built and natural environments while preserving the works and philosophies of Frank Lloyd Wright for the benefit of future generations. Wright established the Foundation, headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., in 1940 to be the repository of his life’s work. The Foundation owns and operates: Taliesin in Spring Green, Wis., and Taliesin West in Scottsdale (Wright’s own homes and studios); the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture; and the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives. Both Taliesin and Taliesin West are National Historic Properties and are on the United States World Heritage Tentative List. More information about the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is at www.franklloydwright.org

Additional Information
Ball Colour Antique
Ball Diameter 40.5cm (16")
Globe Width 56cm (22")
Height 99cm (39")
Globe Surface Material Traditional Paper Gores
Meridian Material Brass Effect Metal
Base Material Wood
Raised Relief Yes, Textured Mountains
Type Non-illuminated
Brand Frank Lloyd Wright
Cartography Up-to-date Map
Cartography Style Political Mapping
Country of Manufacture United States
Delivery Weight (kg) 20


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