National Geographic Globes

No matter which National Geographic world globe model takes your eye, you can be assured you will receive a globe with an advantage over most other globes, its cartography.

National Geographic world globes have exclusive cartography that many find appealing. The countries are very pale, almost white, with coloured borders when the globe is unlit. When the globe is lit the countries become bright and some physical features become more apparent. This is a unique form of the dual mapping feature that many of the globes on our site have. Also in 2011 most National Geographic globes have 13" balls. This is opposed to the normal 12" size. This may not sound like a large difference but when put side by side it is clear that the 13" ball is more visually impressive, certainly when illuminated than a standard 12" globe.

All National Geographic globes on JustGlobes are illuminated, in order to best make advantage of the aforementioned unique cartography. Illuminated globes have their cartography printed onto a plastic material that is stretched over the ball that can never wear off. This does produce an amount of spacial and directional distortion not found on non illuminated globes but is minimised by National Geographic software.

National Geographic globes are in 2011 made in Germany to extremely high manufacturing quality control standards. The world globe balls are made from shock resistant vinyl, extremely tough.

Each National Geographic globe features a time dial at the north pole with allows the easy determination of time throughout the world. The annotations and other text on the globe balls are created using the National Geographic font which is the same as the National Geographic maps (also available on JustGlobes) and the National Geographic magazine.

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