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Intelliglobe II Interactive Globe

  • 30cm (12") diameter globe

  • Blue ocean ball with political mapping

  • Interactive smart globe ideal for ages 5 and up

  • Touch the globe with the wireless pen to discover more about the world

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Not made in China
Why is this important?
Cartography that is printed on globes exported from China may show manipulated land borders and island territories that are not recognised by the United Nations and western countries.

We only supply globes with cartography that is printed in Europe or the United States which accurately reflect our world.


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Intelliglobe II Interactive Globe

The Intelliglobe II is an interactive globe that represents the most advanced smart globe technology on the market today. This fun kids globe is both educational and entertaining, containing geographic, economic & general world information that is truly useful and important for ages 5 and up. All information is updatable via the Internet to keep your globe up to date in a constantly changing world.

The globe ball is a full 12 inch model with raised relief that is featured on one of our well-established traditional globes. But here is the difference - touch any spot with the wireless pen and the Intelliglobe comes to life with words and music!

The globe features a menu printed on the base to unlock -

  • 18 Touch & Explore features
  • 7 Compare features
  • 6 Find Games
  • Trivia Challenge and Multiple Choice challenge

Many of the categories have multi touch modes that feature more information as you keep touching the globe in the same category. All features and games are narrated in both male and female voices.

The Intelliglobe II also comes complete with a 48 page World Discovery Book. This book features colourful illustrations and also works with the pen to unlock in greater detail more information about countries and also explores world and state flags, landmarks, animal, dinosaurs, foods, explorers, moon map, planets, stars and more.

All this adds up to the most information ever offered in an interactive globe ready to use right out of the box.

The pen is USB rechargeable and includes a headphone jack for quiet play. The Intelliglobe features a USB cable that provides connection to any computer with Microsoft operating systems and Mac OSX 10.4 or later.

Additional Information
Ball Colour Blue
Ball Diameter 30.5cm (12")
Globe Width 33cm (13")
Height 51cm (20")
Globe Surface Material Traditional Paper Gores
Meridian Material Plastic
Base Material Plastic
Raised Relief Yes, Textured Mountains
Type Non-illuminated
Brand Replogle
Cartography Up-to-date Map
Cartography Style Political Mapping
Country of Manufacture United States
Delivery Weight (kg) 2


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