Zoffoli - Premium Italian Globes

Zoffoli are the oldest provider of bar globes. Steeped in history and based in Rimini, Italy, they make some of the finest globes available.

Zoffoli offers a complete range of world globes and bar globes. These are separated into three main collections.

The Classic Collection consists of a wide range of desk and floor globes, all with antique replica maps. Within this range are three different map types; 16th, 17th and 18th century replica, with 17th century being the most common. This 17th century map visible on the image above is based on the original mapping used when Italo Zoffoli created his first pieces. As an iconic map, it is featured on most Zoffoli models.

The Classic Collection contains bar globes, antique replica world globes and some globe accessories in all different styles are sizes.

The Gea Collection contains a range of antique style globes with modern, up-to-date cartography in two colour tones. This includes desk globes, floor globes and globe bars. Antique style globes are extremely popular in the UK and the Gea Collection allows the globes to be more educational also. The styling of the globes has been streamlined across the range to create a style identity. This makes Gea globes instantly recognisable.

The Geographica Collection is the most recent addition to the Zoffoli offering. Geographica globes have modern, up to date cartography with an added feature. Country names are given in a country’s own language as well as in English (space permitting). For example “Italy” is also labelled “Italia”. This is extremely interesting and adds another educational aspect to these world globes. Geographica globes are special products that push the boundaries of design and style to create truly modern pieces of furniture. This range includes bar globes, desk globes, kids globes and floor globes, all with an emphasis on modern styling. A Geographica product will always stand out and create a statement in a modern setting.

The Philosophy

The history of the Zoffoli brand, along with its diverse and varied portfolio of products, is a testament to their commitment to preserve the tradition of craftsmanship on which their reputation has been built over 3 generations.

For Zoffoli it’s all about passion, perseverance and constant dedication. This is the Italian way.

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35 Item(s)

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